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They can't possibly read them all

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on July 14, 2004 05:38 AM
The US government these days does far too much. Everyone runs to the Feds and asks that their pet problem be solved. This was never the intent of the founders of the USA. The federal government was to be strong, yes, but was not supposed to provide for every little wrong or need. That's what state and local governments and PRIVATE citizen groups are for.

Go look at this list of the current bills introduced in only the Senate and only this session:<nobr>l<wbr></nobr> ist/bss/d108SN.lst:|TOM:/bss/d108query.html|

Read some of the titles. You are surprised that your Senator, who should be voting on every one of these 2637 bills, does not read them all? How could they? When would they sleep and eat? Is there any question how lots of bad, stupid or unwise spending laws get passed? And then, each of these bills can have any number of ammendments attached to them, that may or may not be related to the bill they are riding on.

Thus, even good intentioned, honest(?) legislators are dependent on their staff, lobbyists and bureaucrats to tell them how to vote. They are thus thwarted from doing any good by the very system in which they are buried.

Because the people are not willing to solve their problems for themselves, their representatives cannot do their job of protecting our freedoms and the country. Want a library? Go ask Congress. What an after-school program? Go ask Congress. Want your business model protected? Go ask Congress. Need a new roof for your town hall? Go ask Congress. We are burning our freedoms on the alter of victimhood.

It is pitiful and a shame.


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