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UN == Liberal

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on July 14, 2004 05:07 AM
Most any program, proposal or effort by the UN is targeted to do one thing:

Extract more power and money from the US and the western world and redistribute to the diplomats and dictators of the poor countries.

Obviously, helping the poor is good. Also obviously, providing handouts to every dictator or society that wants to a quick fix to poverty is bad. Look at the Iraq oil-for-food program. Corruption, diversion of funds and obstruction that would make Halliburtan blush.

The UN does it "for the children" or "for the environment" but their goal is the same: "You have too much wealth and must give it to these here poor people. I'll be happy to skim off the top as it goes through my hands."

It's the classic liberal argument: "You are down trodden and need help. I am the one that can solve it for you. Keep me in power and I'll make sure the rich keep providing you your fair share. You can't do it but I can."

Look at Africa. That continent that once had and has provided seats of learning, treasures of knowledge and culture; full of natural resources; full of intellegent people; full of poverty and bondage. Perpetuated by warlords and dictators who hide behind UN programs crying about poverty and pocketing the change.

The UN does many great and good things. The proposed goal of the UN is laudable but it has been twisted into a power broker and money making machine for diplomats and dictators that hampers the poor class by telling them that they can't create their own wealth but they must be dependent forever.

(This discussion is so political. I should not be a part of it. This is the wrong forum for it.)

Flame away!


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