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Assumptions about readership

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on July 14, 2004 02:09 AM
"And when you think about it, there are parallels between the two targets of our collective distaste."

I am not part of your collective. I have some disagreement with the Bush administration on many things (Patriot Act, etc.) but I do not have distaste for it. I see the current administration as the better of the choices presented at the time. And as the better of the current choices being offered for the November election.

That said, I find the article amazingly out of place on a geek news web site. The first half is purely a positive review of the movie and rant against the Iraq policies of the current US administration. The rest is an attempt to create some sort of connection between the movie, the administration and Microsoft.

I guess it is assumed that I will take my feelings of agreement, sympathy and energy for Mr. Moore's "documentary" and apply them to Microsoft. What if I don't agree or sympathize with Mr. Moore? What if I don't see any bigger connection between MS and the Bush administration as between [insert liberal minded organization here, like the UN or ACLU] and the Democratic Party.

Politics and FS/OSS often cross paths and collide and we must pay attention to that. This movie has nothing to do with it and it is a reach to try to tie them together.


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