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Re:question about Access

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on May 24, 2004 12:20 AM
> what did your brother replace Access with?

His database is not overly complex, and he originally programmed it himself. He migrated the data to MySQL (though I was pushing for PostgreSQL<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-).

Migrating the data was fairly simple -- define the new tables, and then just export and import. The front-end queries, however, are more complicated.

Initially, for the front end, I helped him set up some rudimentary web-based queries using PHP.

We also used <A HREF="" title="">phpMyAdmin</a> (or <A HREF="" title="">here</a>) to create and manage his MySQL tables.

He hasn't set up his local front-end yet, though he will probably be using the database software that comes with StarOffice.

I haven't used it myself, but I see from the <A HREF="" title="">StarOffice FAQ</a> that it now comes with the <A HREF="" title="">Adabas Database</a>.

I had also suggested a few other alternatives, such as:

- A custom-written front-end using the Mozilla toolkit.
- A custom-written front-end using Gnome (since JDS is Gnome-based).
- GnomeDB (though I don't know how far along that project is).
- The database access capabilities of OpenOffice (though they're quite rudimentary).


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