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Pure FUD (from

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on May 22, 2004 05:36 AM
So the author couldn't get his install to work, and decides to trash JDS in an article, without even bothering to try a new set of media first.

That's irresponsible journalism, or worse, FUD.

What makes me think it's FUD?

Well, how about the fact that the part he couldn't get working -- the initial installation -- comes from SuSE! The author hadn't even gotten to the parts done by Sun.

So are we to believe that this author is right, and the SuSE installation procedures are crap?

Or should we believe every other review of SuSE instead?

Now it doesn't surprise me to see attacks on Sun's JDS. After all, JDS comes from Sun, so the Microsoft astroturfers are going to attack it, and JDS uses Gnome, so the Trolltech astroturfers are going to attack it.

But I do have to wonder . . . when did become an anti-Linux FUD site?


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