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It Works Here Too

Posted by: Beauregard on May 06, 2004 10:46 PM
The Beauregard Parish (Public) Library serves a rural Louisiana area with a population of 31,000. Our automation system, web and Internet services (including ISP services to our patrons and wireless), patron Internet labs, staff workstations and mobile computer lab all run Linux.

We were a regional lab site for the Gates Library project and with the full knowledge (if not excitement) of the Gates Foundation, we changed the op system on the computers at the end of the grant project (2nd year if I remember right). We do appreciate the equipment which was donated by the Gates Foundation -- we just don't like using the Microsoft Software Products.

Like the Howard County Library, we chose to 'roll our own' Linux. John Morris, our network tech, developed WhiteBox Enterprise Linux when RedHat changed their business model. His work is now receiving worldwide attention - WBEL can be downloaded from <A HREF="" TITLE=""></a>

For years, we've been trying to shout the news that open source solutions work for libraries and other public service agencies. Thanks, Howard County and NewsForge for helping make this point.

For more information, contact the Beauregard Parish Library by sending an email to help at or visiting <A HREF="" TITLE=""></a>



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