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Re:Is it a joke??

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on May 06, 2004 01:00 PM
If you have never built a system with the LFS book, then I don't really think you have a voice in this. LFS is not all that complicated. On top of that, there is a sub-project called ALFS (Automated LFS). AKA, an unattended installation of LFS. Nothing more than a booting linux box. Then you simply add what you need. Its not as though they had to sit and babysit each and every box, entering commands every few minutes to hours. If they are 1/2 as clever as they are shown in this artical, they figured that part out.

To top it off, they very simply could have built LFS for the lowest common demoniator, burned a copy of their shinny, new, exactly what they wanted, Lumix and be done with it. IMO, much easier to add what you want than to figure out what you don't want and if you can remove it.


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