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Re:Man-hours is where the cost is.

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on April 08, 2004 06:09 AM
Last I heard, setting up a Windows server AND setting up SQL Server properly took a couple of days and the help of Microsoft support as well IT personnel. May have changed in the last couple releases, of course.

OTOH, if you look at Windows 2000 Server Group Policy and what a mess that was, which has now been addressed by making a special Management Console for it in Windows 2003 Server, clearly ease of use is not always present in Windows products either.

Yes, man-hours always cost more than initial purchase price (and usually even more than maintenance contracts) - but the point of OSS is that there frequently IS NO initial purchase price . And that means less money. Only IF the OSS product costs more man-hours to maintain and use is the TCO better with commercial. And it is common knowledge and backed by studies that a well-trained UNIX sys admin can support more boxes and users than a well-trained MCSE.

Script monkies tend to be more efficient than mouse monkies. (Although they tend to underestimate and under-report the time to develop and maintain those scripts.)


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