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TV Out

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on April 05, 2004 08:56 AM
TV Out is provided by the s-video connector in the back, but I want to know if this is accomplished via fn-f7 (or whatever) or is it via atitvout, in which case I would have to turn off my computer, attach the cable to the tv, then reboot to get the tv out to work? Also, if atitvout is used, is there a problem with the screen "whiting out" if you move the mouse?

Truthfully, I have been eyeballing this laptop for some time, but would only consider buying one if I could play dvd's easily. My new HP is a piece of crap in that I have to use atitvout and then the screen doesnt align properly. With my old toshiba and it's SIS chip I could fn-f7 my way through lcd, crd, tv.. no problem. This is a sorely missed feature.


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