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Re:That's all well and good...

Posted by: Joe Barr on March 10, 2004 11:31 PM
I didn't write about APM for two reasons.

First, it isn't an issue with me. I've been using Linux on a laptop for several years now. Since 1999, actually.

Second, not only do I not know much about APM, I haven't any basis for comparison of APM on Linux because I don't use Windows on my desktop or laptop.

I guess you don't know anyone that uses a laptop the same way I do. As I note in the story, my usage is not about styling at Starbucks or elsewhere. I use it for work when I am on the road. Motel rooms have power outlets and I just plug it in. Ditto for press rooms.

Obviously it is important to you. Why don't you write about APM on Linux laptops and submit the story to NF?

Joe Barr


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