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Re:That's all well and good...

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on March 10, 2004 11:04 PM
Indeed. Power management support from the vendor is a pain in the ass. I still can't get my shiny new Inspiron 8600 to suspend to RAM or disk (though I think the disk bit is my own doing; I have to work with it some more. I am using Gentoo, so I have to do things The Hard Way; I think SuSE might be better for ease of use. It seems to support APM/ACPI pretty well)

That said, the battery-life stuff is coming along quite nicely, imho. There are several excellent CPU governors available. I personally recommend that you wait for me to officially release the Vilsack Governor and Absolute Power (VSGovernor is the CPU governor; AP is an applet that sets policies for it). VSGovernor is already running on here and saving me a boatload of battery (I can get about 6-7 hours of battery when idle; 3.5-4 if I'm doing something).

After that, I'm setting up a butt-kicking profiles system, since I'm tired of having to dink with scripts all the time (I want a gnome applet I can point-n-click on).


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