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XP Installation

Posted by: sgp321 on February 15, 2004 09:54 AM
I think the author is talking about XP once installed, not the process of installing XP.

The reviewer is pointing out that hardware made obsolete by Windows XP can still be used productively by replacing Windows 9x with Linux - getting the same performance (as opposed to losing performance by installing XP) with a new, more secure, but still up-to-date OS and productivity software.

I've been using JDS for a while, and my PC runs both Win2k and JDS quite respectably (1.8GHz, 256MB). I get the impression that WinXP would drag on this machine. Older PCs, which can't cope with WinXP at all, can run quite respectably with Linux.

So the choice for busineses is: "Do I upgrade the hardware to upgrade the software, and give my staff the same productivity they had before, or do I keep the same hardware, replace the OS/Desktop, and get the same productivity benefits I'd have got from spending another $1000 per desktop?"

Not a biggie with 5 desktops; a real issue with 10,000 desktops...


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