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Wow, What a Review

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 13, 2004 08:47 PM
Ximian XD2 is currently available as an unsupported free download (300 MB, which took about 14 hours on my 144K DSL line)

Dude, get yourself a proper connection. There are many affordable DSL pckages that are way faster than this. This is little better then dialup. Of course it could be a problem at Ximian's end, but I can't believe it would be this slow.

Ximian's online installer is elegant and efficient, and doggedly kept up the download even as other demands on my LAN squeezed bandwidth.

This has really got nothing to do with the Ximian Installer.

Sun's JDS Network Places icon readily found all the shares -- both SMB and NFS -- on my LAN where the same icon on Ximian XD2/Red Hat, placed down a level under My Computer, offered the shares but was unable to connect to them. I'm unsure whether this represents differing bugs in the underlying distros, bug-swatting by Sun, or what, but clearly, non-technical workers (heck, even highly technical workers) will appreciate the easy network connections of Sun JDS.

What the hell does this mean? This could be due to network or configuration options, so unless he has looked at these he shouldn't be talking about bug-swatting by Sun. Non-technical workers will appreciate the easy network connections of Sun's JDS? Really?

The Windows XP installation on this same machine was noticeably sluggish with 256 MB of RAM and an older video card

While not blazingly fast, the Windows XP install should not be sluggish at all. I know, I have exactly the same spec. Windows does take a reasonable time to install anyway, but what he means by sluggish is anyone's guess.

For institutions still running Windows 95 and 98, a move to Linux stability will likely be welcomed by users and IT staff alike.

I think we know this already.

I think we have all had enough of these insightful reviews that tell us absolutely sweet FA. Jesus, I wish I could get paid for writing stuff like this.



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