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Too Bad Novell is Involved!!!

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on August 19, 2003 05:32 AM
Unfortunately, Siemens Business Systems’ research was most assuredly done without taking into consideration that Novell is buying Ximian. Having worked for Novell I’ve always been one holding out and “rooting for the home team?. After their dismal buggy software releases; software that requires support technicians to connect to our corporate network to implement fixes/hacks (NDS) and continually having their support department hold patches hostage as a means to coerce us into upgrading to a higher more costly PREMIUM SUPPORT CONTRACT. You can count this patsy out of number of folks jumping on the Ximian bandwagon.

I’ve waited well over a year waiting for yet another management team to turn things around. I’m tired of the empty promises that Jack Messman and Chris Stone will clean things up. They’ve not made a difference except to continue Novell’s old ways of trying to purchase their way out of trouble and sending us new faces in place of the old. They’ve not addressed the cancers within that keep eating up good technologies and potentially great “solutions?.

Have you ever seen another company waste away so much good technology and capital through acquisition? If there is any way for Ximian to back out, they should do so immediately. S. B. S. needs to start back at square one with their research or drop to the second place finisher if they expect to make good on their findings.


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