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Re:what utter utter garbage

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on August 17, 2003 01:44 AM
So why don't you use Linux on all the desktops at Siemens ?
This would save you allot of money, and than you did'nt have to fire so much people like you did in the past months.

A friend of mine works at Siemens here in Belgium, to be more precise in Herentals.
And for that reason I bought a C45 in March last year.

I started using Linux a year ago with SuSE Linux 8.0 Pro, and now I use SuSE Linux 8.2 Pro.

But what surprised me is the fact that Siemens and Motorola are going to use Windows software in there mobile phones.

And this just after the other players in this area have teamed up to use Linux.


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