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Re:what utter utter garbage

Posted by: Mandrake Magician on August 16, 2003 03:07 PM
Moreover, if Duncan fudges the numbers, heads will roll<nobr> <wbr></nobr>... starting with his.

I'll take his research over others guesswork.

Current Linux growth has come largely from people deciding that having Linux was sufficiently valuable to justify deleting a pre-installed copy of Windows. That, to a very large degree, is how it came to be installed on hobbyist computers. Future growth is likely to come from original installations of Linux and be proportionately faster.

My guess is that somewhere between the 10% and 20% numbers, office document file formats will stop being proprietary and Linux will have accomplished a major goal. So far as I can tell, we've already gotten to the 10% mark and are gaining speed.

I've used Linux since 1996. The only part about the 20% figure that surprises me is that it would surprise anyone else.

Although Linux has not always been 'desktop ready', there has never been a day when it wasn't headed that way. Does it surprise anyone that, after over ten years of steady coding by thousands of skilled programmers, it has achieved that goal?

After watching me use Linux for about a year, my wife asked me to install it on her machine and rip Windows off her hard drive. I went one better and removed her hard drive altogether and gave her LTSP in its place. She loves it and has loved it since day one.


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