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Re:Reversed logic?

Posted by: Trevor Q Leaman on August 15, 2003 11:42 PM
Oh no someone prefered Gnome to KDE..... Quick let's all kick em.....

If you had managed to plug your brain in beforehand you might have realised that the author was suggesting that an end user who is used to doing things the "windows way" would tend to expect another environment that is "similar looking" to operate in the same way.

He was not saying "oh KDE ain't any good", he wasn't saying "Oh Gnome's so much better". He was actually making a very valid point.

A Linux desktop should not try to just look and feel like Windows. It should have it's own identity and both the KDE and Gnome projects are forging ahead in this area.

Just because in their opinion, Gnome has progressed further, it does not mean that we all have to jump on them if we happen to prefer KDE.

I'm also in the process of evaluating Ximian Desktop Pro (XD2) and I must say that I am very impressed. I use KDE lots but I am also prepared to look at alternatives with an open mind and am also prepared to change my opinion according to what I find.

Currently, what I'm finding, is that XD2 does a lot more for my work computer sat amongst a load of XP boxes than any other environment has done before.


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