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Re:Today, the FSF is just a parasite

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on April 28, 2003 11:23 PM
How long have you been paying attention? Only the last decade? IBM hasn't always been a friendly organization (if you can even call them that right now). In fact, people were hoping that Microsoft would take out IBM at one point. The only thing IBM cares about is making money, it is a business. RMS shouldn't have to kiss anyone's ass just because they donate some money. IBM still has offended in the past, what makes you think they won't in the future? And what is this about taking out Microsoft? Why is that so important? If IBM becomes the new Microsoft, do you think they will be any better as a monolopy?

Hell, I wouldn't even blame RMS if he was disrespecting Red Hat or SuSE. They are just businesses and don't really deserve any respect. I'm out to make money, and I don't expect any respect for that. Look at something like Debian for an example of an organization that deserves respect.


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