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Re:Why don't programmers write open source hardwar

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on April 28, 2003 04:33 PM
Never thought about this from another point of view.
That's actually why I like OSS/FS. It's all about hardware: you do NOT need to be compatible with Linux.
In case of proprietary system - you never know what kind of problem you will have to work on tomorrow.
With Linux as a hardware manufacturer you have a chance to influence standards. Just choose one or two - and go with them.
I bet switching from one standard to another is much more easier than switching from one OS to another.
That makes perfect point: remember that next OS from The Beast is going to be NOT Windows. And sure you will HAVE to upgrade, if you're on XP. And sure all you software/device drivers will NOT run on Longhorn/whatever.
*BSD, Linux as Kernel, GNU as platform - you do not not need to rewrite from scratch all your software. Why? Because standard is already in place. POSIX probably not perfect - but it is better to have bad one - rather than programming under Windows<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:)


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