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Hmm he don't get it.

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on April 28, 2003 12:20 PM
Who is this fool I am sick of see it as it is wrong.

The Business model is up the other way. Programers are for hire there are partical ways of get some thing done in open source. Number one Bonty yep the wild west aproce but effective just the same.

The doing stuff for free is no a profit if you were not payed to do stuff for free. If you were you have a profit already. Spare time while watching mainframes is another source. Spare time while doing backups. Making stuff that save you time profit again so basicly there is plenty for the programmer.

Basicly let say that you could say to microsoft we want feature XXXXXX and we will pay for you to write it XXXXX amount. Basicly in opensource the code is bought once. The big question to microsoft how do there programmers get payed. You will find the same way in most cases. Basicly a vampire. So since the programer no longer has licence on his own code he can not use it else where. Now this is the big advange of open source you write something and if it fits somewhere else you dont have to throw away what you did. Ie you are still the master copyright holder.

Very soon I might be puting a bonty on the name of this person who keeps on saying this fooling thing.

There are more ways of making a profit without selling stuff. WineX is a good example of this it is a bonty system that expands wine.

This give open source a lot better feed back then what microsoft is getting. Open source need no secrets so development can be really open.

Basicly it fits the programer it does not help companys like microsoft.


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