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Many reasons why I like to code for OSS/FS

Posted by: Anirban Biswas. on April 26, 2003 03:56 AM
Currently I am computer engg student & will get my degree soon & also having a job.

I started using FS/OSS from 1 st year & learnt that there are many greate tools & think that opning your code is best thing in the world since other can see that & suggest you modidfication so I can learn from my mistake also I can see some codes written by Gurus & so can learn new trciks hacks & skills

Since I am getting all these it is my duty to give back some thing to the community that is why I code for OSS/FS again I like to code (I think it is better to code in C/C++ than flarting with a girl or watching tv) that is why I code for Oss/fs
doing this I can do what I want not what any other one.

Also I can showoff my friends look I have some projects in internet (mainly in & people liked them.

there are also many reasons which currently I can not remember or even if I remember them that will make the post so long that most of the people will bore to read it.

Anirban Biswas.


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