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I'd be interested... if

Posted by: Brian Masinick on June 18, 2002 12:50 AM
I'd be interested in trying out the combination of a Wal-Mart PC running Lindows ... if:

1) Lindows would come clean and make the GPL components of their software clearly, cleanly, and obviously available in public locations. Charging $99 to get a peek at who knows what is not my idea of openness.

If I could get a better look at what they were doing, I might be more interested in shelling out money for it. But right now, I see little reason to do so, particularly when I already have NINE different versions of operating systems on my computer, none of which I paid more than a few dollars for to get on CD.

2) I'd want to be able to see online demonstrations of these systems running Lindows in my local Wal-Mart store, and if I were to purchase one, I'd want to be able to check it out first, then have the ability to return it if it wasn't what I was looking for.

I haven't visited Wal-Mart recently. One of the main reasons for that is that the last time I visited my local retailer, I waited around 1/2 hour to ask some questions about a product I was interested in purchasing, never got the help I sought, despite 3+ requests for specific department help, so I haven't returned to Wal-Mart since then.

I'd like to hear from someone who has DEFINITELY had a positive experience with both Lindows and Wal-Mart (without being an employee or stockholder in either company). :-)


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