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Re:Microsoft will be pleased

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 17, 2002 09:50 PM
But this is where Lindows hasn't done something new. Lindows is a Debian-based operating system. Lindows has simply made a pretty way of downloading and installing apps for your computer using the tool "apt". In Debian (and it's offspring like Corel/Xandros (yuck), Storm (miss you!), Libranet (the BEST!!!) and now Linodws), you can simply type "apt-get install evolution" and you get it installed. Lindows has done NOTHING SPECIAL here. They've contributed NOTHING to the development of apt. They simply made a pretty GUI frontend to "apt"... which there are many already.
So why someone would subscribe to Lindow's "service" to be able to download all these great apps for "free" (which they are already for crying out loud!) is stupid.
Lindows has only adapted a Debian OS to make installing MS products easier. The "Click-n-Run" crap is just that... crap. You click "Click-n-Run" and is runs "apt-get install packagename" in the background.
This, my friends, is nothing new.
What a bunch a BS.


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