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What are we gonna do?

Posted by: Adam Luchjenbroers on June 16, 2002 05:36 PM
We can sit here as long as we want and debate whether or not this is a Microsoft conspiracy, we can prophesise good or bad outcomes for as long as we like. But as it has been shown, there is a possibility for it turn ugly and one thing we should try to do is prevent that.

We are not powerless here. There is a community who has worked hard to bring Linux to where it is today, we are part of it and we can call on it. Now I am probably not the person to be giving the orders, what I say is a suggestion meant to open up conversation on this topic

Users are likely to run into technical problems, we should try to direct them to their local LUGs for tech support. This will fix their problems and may even cause them to join.

Lindows is beta software, and as such is likely to have bugs. will not be able to fix them and without the sourcecode we can't either. They are obliged under the GPL to give us the source and we should obtain it.

There will be people who buy the cheap printer, they will run into problems when they try to install it. Or at least they will if we can't create a working driver for it quickly

What comes of this is up to us, the mainstream consumers are about to have a run-in with Linux and if we want mainstream consumers to use it then we better make sure they enjoy it


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