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Re:What is wrong with you people?

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 16, 2002 02:29 AM
But how does this really prevent freedom?
What IS so corrupt about Lindows?

In a capitalist society, which wether any
of us like it or not describes most of the
world, every company's goal is to capitalize
on their product. The idea is that when multiple
companies capitalize against each other, they
must either develope better technology or
better price\licensing than the competitor.

Thats why the US government is trying to break
down the MS monopoly: When only one company is
around and locks in consumers, there is no
competition to drive technology forward, and
the whole point of capitalism is lost.

The Linux companies, or most of them, have
bad coorperate strategies. They may have
better technology, but if they can't produce
profit, they can't expand. I do believe most
of the profit potential is lost because there
are so many of them, and they should consolodate.
(Like what UnitedLinux is doing, which you
people also shoot down.) The other way is to
actually get people to pay for the product
or service. Like paying for click'n'run.
If they produce profit frmo that, they can
fund developement of things like the kernel,
glibc, x and other core components, improvements
which due to the licensing MUST be returned
to the community, and thats a good thing.

Also, if they can expand, they can get more
software developers and hardware companies
to support Lindows.
Since Lindows is technically Linux, that means
the hardware working on Lindows will also
function on other Linux systems. Also, the
software ought to work too. Software may need
a little manual work, but look, every Linux
program is a bitch to install already.
(Thats why click'n'run is important, installing
is like the #1 ease of use problem here.)

They may be trying to capitalize on it, but
if they can produce good profit than they
can survive periods of poor sales and can also
expand the business when sales are doing okay.
That also means they can fund OSS developemnt,
like developement on Linux, GNU and XFree.
(GNU being OS minus kernel, Xfree being the GFX
display subsystem, Linux being the kernel
attached the GNU OS.)

So even if you don't use software from the
corrupt Lindows company, you can still
profit from them profiting.


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