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What is wrong with you people?

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 15, 2002 04:33 PM
Every time good news comes for Linux, every
time a linux company does a logical thing, people
managed to bitch about something.

Common, bringing ABORTION RIGHTS into this
to prove a point? Comming up with conspiricy

What about the FANTASIES where Windows can
"magically" make hardware work? Bullshit.
If thats what it takes to make people think
a computer is easy, than there is no such
thing as an easy to use PC.

And you people are hate money so much can
use your coal fueled russian war surplus
computer, or basically what we would have
if it weren't for industry competition.

Oh, and actually use Lindows before you
tell people what it can and cannot do and
how well it detects hardware, etc.

Besides, Microsoft can expand into new
markets and conquer because it has profit,
which means it have spare money to invest.
If Lindows can make profit and get spare money,
than that is a good thing.

In addition, they do have to release source
code to GPL packages that they modify. The
distro may have closed stuff on it, but if
they do somethign to the Linux kernel without
making it a module, they have to release the

Not to mention people complaining about paying
for the click'n'run service. You are aware it
cost money to pay for labor and servers?
Sourceforge may be free for users, but it
IS funded by some source. What source? A
commercial company who makes profit so they
can fund things that don't give an immediate
return. If SourceForge's supporters weren't
making profits, they wouldn't have money
to throw around to fund these enourmous systems.

Besides, you don't have to buy Lindows. Windows
is proprietary: Does that mean you are restricted
from other platforms? No. Such is Lindows.

Wine compatability: Yes that is a difficult one.
Codeweavers seems to be doing okay for programs
that they support: Thats why you tell explicitely
what should work and what should not.

Walmarts stance on morning after pills:

Walmart's business strategy:
Note how it is SUCCESFUL. Linux distros usually
are NOT. Microsoft is SUCCESFUL. If they put
good investment into Lindows, they might be
able to make it succeed. It may not be
a fair strategy, but if Lindows becomes more
successful, hardware support will follow.
And of course, Lindows uses the Linux kernel
and the XFree86 graphics core, so what hardware
works for Lindows will work on other Linux.

Root mode: Thats a stupid one. They could just
put a password up on program installers.
But that doesn't call for them to DIE.

The machines: Look at it this way. Lindows
is the same GFX core and kernel as Linux, so
if hardware is put together to work for Lindows,
it will work on Slack or Mandrake or whatever.

Risk: Businesses must take risk. Yes, it very
well might fall apart after a few months. But
you know, the biggest risk here is not taking
one. Also, with the name "Lindows" pasted all
over it instead of "Linux," the kind of people
who buy stuff from Walmart might actually not
make a connection. These are computer illiterate
people, you know. Most of them would never know
that Windows2000 is NT 5.0.

Oh, and one last thing:



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