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Re:Considering Walmart's History...

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 15, 2002 04:07 PM
But Windows can't do many of the things that
you accuse Linux of screwing up on.

The point and click download thing solves for
the most part the whole problem of a good program
install standard.

Also, how do you know Lindows can't autodetect
hardware? Just because it's Linux doesn't mean
a daemon can be worked into the distro to do
that. With good investment it can be done

Besides, Windows is very very often very
confusing with hardware installs. Don't go
saying the average dumbass can install stuff
for Windows so easily. It gets confused over
stupid things. I upgraded my CPU once, which
should be transparent to software, and the
video in Windows starting screwing up.

I installed a new video card once into
a computer with video on the mainboard. Linux
didn't use the BIOS so it figured out which
one was working on it's own. Windows got
terribly confused and it took tens of hours
to get it working.

I upgraded a motherboard once, and the sound
went out on Windows. It needed a reinstall.
Mandrake AUTODETECTED the new card with ZERO

For hardware, Mandrake can beat the monkeyshit
out of Windows on hardware installs. Just because
slackware is hard doesn't mean you can go
bashing every distro.

Also, Macintosh is UNIX! Have you USED Lindows?
Apple PROVES Unix can be made easy to use.
If you haven't used Linux you should, instead
of getting pissed when someone has the odacity
to install Linux on their manufactured computers.

Give it a chance, damnit! Don't go saying Dell
gave it a chance. They NEVER advertised the damn
systems, they hid them on the site, and of course
no distro at the time was decent to use.

Here is the biggest problem with Linux ease
of use: Installing 3rd party software and drivers.
One of the advertised features of Lindows is
an online archive of thousands of program that
you can just "click and run." If it works how they
say it does, it will beat Windows on that aspect.



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