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Re:Considering Walmart's History...

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 15, 2002 02:13 PM
that is utterly too optimistic.

What will happen as one poster said above, that the Lindows tech support team will snap under the pressure of supporting an operating system that requires too much tweaking for its end users. What Wal-Mart (and most) customers expect from an OS is what Microsoft and Apple gives them. You can argue that Linux is better all you freeking want. The end user will NEVER perceive that until they can plug anything into the computer and it will magically work. Period.

What will happen in this case is that Linux will not just snap into place. It will bend, break, frustrate, bedevil the living daylights out of 90% of the purchasers.

One of you stated that this must be a Microsoft ploy...Linux supporting Office. You are terribly close. What we have here is a deal between Microsoft and Wal-Mart. A completely unproven distribution of Linux trying to run Office under an ABI (wine). Ain't going to happen, folks.

Don't even pretend this shhhtuff is going to be more stable that windows xp.

What will happen within three weeks time. 90% of the machines returned to the stores. Oodles of customer complaints.

Customers given a "free" copy of windows.

Microsoft logo emblazoned on the disk. "Windows rescue CD"

And rescue them it will, from a penny-ante, two-bit, three-wheeled distro of Linux. But the press, the users, will not hear Lindows, they'll perceive Linux as the loser.

This is the make or break moment folks.

Do you really think Lindows has got what it takes?

Sorry to ramble. But I hope it is apparent, that if my dire situation doesn't play out, there is an equally dire one waiting in the wings.

Lindows the company will have positioned itself in a weaker but very similar position to Microsoft in its early days on the IBM machines. uSoft became synonymous with computing for a great many people, and Lindows hopes to be synonymous with Linux and to completely dominate this burgeoning market.


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