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Re:Too bad it's WalMart

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 15, 2002 08:29 AM

Why does everyone assume that people who are pro-life are dumb, ignorant religious people?

My sister is pro-life, she is neither dumb, or religious; she just thinks the logic behind the whole pro-choice ideology is wacko.

Just because you only see people who are a little loopy on TV who are pro-life doesn't mean that everyone is that way. Or are we not capable of seeing humans on the other side of the debate?

Now, I AM a Baptist Pastor; and pro-life, and I humbly ask the people dropping the "baby killer" posts with "Lord" attached to them to stop. I won't tell you to hate what is evil, most people think they understand that. I will tell you to love what is good. And trolling on message boards is not good.


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