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Re:Too bad it's WalMart

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 15, 2002 04:47 AM

Too bad your "Collage" didn't teach spelling.

Let me help:

renowned (grammer, not spelling)
efficiency (would have blown this one off as a typo, but you did it three times)
integrity (integerity - the characteristic of being like a positive or negative whole number?)
Yes, and finally: college!

Otherwise, great points. I think the only valid point that the original poster has is that Wal*Mart is like a bad house guest. They come uninvited, ignore you or bully you when you try to turn them away at the door, then settle in for a long stay. Sometimes, they do end up being a positive thing for small towns, but sometimes they don't. The point, though, is that Wal*Mart doesn't leave when communities try to turn them away, so their community inevitably becomes dependent on Wal*Mart. If Wal*Mart fails or pulls out of town, the small networks of businesses and product distribution in the area no longer exist. Not to mention the fact that now quite a few of their citizens are newly unemployed and still just as unskilled and useless to a small community as ever. So, is Wal*Mart evil? Maybe not. But are they rude, self-serving and possibly destructive? Yes.


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