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Re: Beam-It

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 15, 2002 03:00 AM
...sort of "foot in the door???" "Squeak by the guards?"

Laws also have a "spirit" as well as a "letter." Not that I believe the publishing firms haven't violated the "spirit" of the Constitution by extending copyright to such a ridiculous term.

My big issue with him was that he managed to get those goons on his ass at a time when there was a new musical culture *growing* on his service. Instead of taking the hard way, and encouraging that culture to become significant and maybe even profitable, he had to find a way to "squeeze in" material that didn't really belong to him, by making it look like it belonged to the users.

So he basically wound up putting all those free-thinking artists "on the block" for Universal to snag. Did he think about those people when he was fiddling with his lawyers?

I won't be done with my grudge until I am assured that free-spirited musical communities can flourish on the Internet. That's what I *thought* he was trying to do, and if I'm right, then he let us down.


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