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Lindows? but PC OK

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 15, 2002 02:34 AM
I remembered yesterday why I like WalMart. I purchased one of their OS-Less computers. It arrived yesterday. I ordered the 1GHz Duron for a project but it was dropped after my order was placed. WalMart shipped me the 1.3GHz Duron (currently available model) with all the added stuff without canceling the order and contacting me to re-order, etc. The only problems with the machine so far (I have loaded only looked it over, booted to BIOS, and inspected CDs) is that the CD was connected to the primary IDE controller and the HD to the secondary and I don't seem to see the Windows drivers for the ethernet card on the CD. The modem is data/fax/voice in windows (I don't know if the voice will work in Linux yet).
I haven't looked at Lindows, but I don't think that I would be interested in it. However, it might appeal to some of WalMarts customers. I won't say anything bad about them for selecting it. It might be a good first step.


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