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Re:Microsoft will be pleased

Posted by: Gary Edwards on June 15, 2002 02:28 AM
Dead on right. Having been through the MS grinder more than a few times as both a developer and user, I would agree with Anonymous that this smells of more Microsoft dirty tricks. The fact that Lindows is not shipping with OpenOffice and Mozilla should send up red flags everywhere. My guess is that Microsoft is attempting to embrace and extend the Linux universal API, choking it off in the crib, making certain that the future of Linux will have at least two separate and incompatible implementations. That way they can pick off developers, luring them to the wider user base that they control. Using the vast installed base of Lindows-Windows to implement .NET as a truly universal API and object class system, would not be ut of character. Those guys in Redmond are rotten to the core, and evil to boot.



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