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Re:Too bad it's WalMart

Posted by: maxomai on June 15, 2002 01:35 AM

First, it's not censorship. The government isn't prohibiting them from carrying any books or music. They have every right to decide what they want to sell or not.

I agree that they have a right to sell what they do or do not want, but let's not kid ourselves: by deciding not to carry product because of message (instead of market demand), they are engaging in censorship. Just because it's not government-mandated doesn't make it any less so.

On the so-called emergency contraception, why don't people use contraception before they get pregnant?

People get pregnant even with the best contraception (e.g., tubal ligation). This is an ultimate backup. You might not like it, but the arguments for access to emergency contraception are exactly like the arguments for concealed carry. It's an ultimate last resort. Denying either makes an assumption that the person denied can't take responsibility for himself or herself.

I'm not saying that Wal-Mart should be forced to carry these drugs; they are, after all, a private enterprise. On the other hand, if they're not willing to provide these drugs, then someone else (such as a competitor, or Planned Parenthood) has to step in.


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