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Re:Calm down, people.

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 06, 2002 08:53 PM
You miss the point. People release their own source code under the GPL for a reason - to protect their intellectual property. MS and just about every company that has ever existed does exactly the same thing. The big difference is that companies use their IP to generate income, whereas GPL coders to it to get good improvements back to the code base. MS wants money, GPL coders want better code.

You may see GPL coders as zealots when they demand compliance with the GPL, but all they are doing is exactly the same thing as MS would do if you infringed their IP - only with more civility (MS will take you straight to court if you bootleg their IP - most GPL coders will ask you nicely to comply with the license).

When Lindows uses GPL'd code, they are obliged under the terms of the license to comply. If they don't wish to, then they can go and write their own code and have their own license. Nobody is pointing a gun to their head and making them use GPL'd code, but if they do, then they have to comply with the license.


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