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Calm down, people.

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 05, 2002 02:00 PM
Everybody on these forums seem to get their pants in a ruffle over nothing. If you don't like Lindows because you're a Linux purist and think it discraces Linux then attack it on that and that alone. But do that on another forum because it is offtopic from the GPL. Sheesh. The code *will* be released when the company thinks it's worth releasing. Until then, this is a "preview release" and not an actual product. Rants and ravings within the Open Source community isn't helping the general public take up Open Source.

This is just like when Microsoft was reported to have been wiping out other OS's on installation... Oh wait, that was because it was a "restore" disk. Or when "United Linux" refused to release free binaries... Oh wait, that's because anybody is really interested in computers knows how to compile their own code and free binaries will lower profits for these struggling companies. UnitedLinux is just a set of standards companies have vowed to follow and nothing of their behavior has changed. See? Slow down and you'll find the answer to the question is not "There is a sound when a tree falls alone in a forest" or "There isn't a sound", but "Define sound.".


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