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Why I still Hate the Whole Lindows Idea...

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 05, 2002 12:49 PM

The whole's a big gimmick, the name itself gives this away,
who can take a name like Lindows serious???...It's just Linux + Wine
you can do this with any Linux distro...and there are far better ones
than Lindows...and the others actually CARE and SUPPORT the

  As a matter of fact...I have been doing a lot of messing around with
wine lately and have gotten quite a bit to work with it (you can see
my screenshots of some of the apps i have installed at

  There also has to be a pretty good reason that CodeWeavers pulled
their wine support from Lindows...I would rather BUY Mandrake or SuSE
and BUY CodeWeavers and WinX products than spend a penny on Lindows.

  I also HATE the fact that they make KDE undistiqishable from
the stock kde....Xandros does this as well....this is not helping the community.
If they spent even half the time helping to polish KDE, adding features and
squashing bugs it would be a lot better....

  and then there is Micheal is clear that this man never ran
Linux before a couple months ago when he decided to rip off the work of the
open source community so that he could make a quick buck...(after his other
gimmick got severly hit)...He is a good marketer I will give him that
but that's all...he's just a freakin' infomercial. His talent would be much
better spent working with a REAL Linux distro in the way of helping to market
REAL products.

  in short....

  Lindows = JOKE != Linux


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