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Lindows again

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 05, 2002 04:14 AM
I never liked the idea of using microsoft office on Linux. It makes a beautiful OS ugly. StarOffice finally reached the point where I am a happy user and Abiword is improving everyday. On the other hand
IE is not better than mozilla so why would I want to run a very buggy insecure non-standard comliant browser.
Lindows doesn't support Windows games.
In conclusion if I really wanted to run Microsoft Office I can use codewaever plugin on a more secure and robust OS susch as RedHat.
If I wanted to run Windows Games I would use TransgamingX.
ClickandRun by the way is the worst idea and I am sure if abused can lead to a lot of viruses introduced to linux.
Lindows shouldn't exist and i don't see why anyoen would use it. Time would prove that I am right and
this distribution is going to fail.
Consider the other options to run Windows application and for me they all are better.


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