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give the guy a break

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 05, 2002 03:28 AM
This situation is quite pathetic.

First of all, we all know that Linux on the desktop is a joke.

Second, we all know that linux needs to adapt in order to win in the business environment. Evangelists and eccentrics are usually lousy businessmen.

Third, Lindows is attempting to do this, and everybody jumps on them because of GPL violations, for a beta product!

Are you people really this stupid? Don't you realize that it takes money to create Lindows, and investors are going to puke if the source is included in the beta release? I'm not saying that the code should never be released. I am saying he should have a little bit of flexibility considering what Lindows is trying to accomplish. Releasing the code when version 1.0 ships is fine by me.

Personally, I'd tell RMS to kiss my ass. If we did things his way, every time, there would be no linux in the enterprise.


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