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Posted by: Anonymous Coward on April 18, 2002 03:44 AM
WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? Are you being geeky for the hell of it or are you trying to make a point? "HEY LOOK... I CAN QUOTE A PRINCIPLE!!!". Big deal.

Onto the discussion...

As bad as the Linux community hates to admit it, this is as free of a market as we are likely to get for a VERY long time. There will never be a totally "free market" ever again. If MS were to go bellyup tomorrow... other corps would come in and take its place. Get over it! Learn how to deal with it. More importantly, learn how to make it work for you! For this discussion, if you make a product that non-tech users can get around in, do their work with and talk to their relatives with, you will have a goldmine and a pretty nice product... no wait, that's MS. I can hear the Linux fruits now, "Oh dear lord, let's not try to emulate the good parts of their product! Let's reinvent the wheel... again. But this time, we'll do it right. No, it won't be like the last 100 opportunities we've had! Yes, we'll all get along this time!" {grins slyly}. Can the Linux community get over it's own "who's got the biggest penis here?" mentality? NO... because these Linux geeks have built themselves up to such a self-serving ferver that the only way to fix it now is to bring them down to the normal user's level, which would, in the end, server to destroy their fragile egos!

Don't like it... tough!


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