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Re:rumored MSFT ownership of Lindows company

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on April 15, 2002 06:18 AM
Actually, Red Hat announced a month or more ago that they intended to abandon the desktop. If you're going to be paranoid, at least try to keep up on your reading, eh?

Take another look at the reality: the Open Source comunity does eat its young. We are dominated by folks whose concept of "free" knows no purer foundation than "free lunch". Wake up to this fact of life ... if money does not begin GUSHING into the open-source coffers, Microsoft will win. Our own cheapness could well doom us to either extinction or a shadowy existence. It is good that free distros are available ... but don't forget to buy one once in a while, eh?

So far as "doing tons of Wine code" from "a company coming from nowhere" ... do you really think there is some shortage of Windows programmers? What is lacking are programmers conversant with both Windows and Linux who are paid to hammer out code instead of whacking away at it after dinner. PAID programmers spend the better part of each day programming ... the amount of code a good team can put together is considerable.

I don't know where you got that "hubbub", but this is the first I have heard of it and I don't think it has any credibility. For all I know, YOU are a Microsofty sent to poison the well against Lindows to keep a potential desktop competitor out of the running.

Your posting did nothing but spread FUD.


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