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Are you a programmer?

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on April 14, 2002 12:15 PM
You don't sound like you are. When I first write code I get it functional, then it's tested and modified, and only THEN do I spend time getting it readable and presentable. The code as I develop it is inscrutable and rather useless, the code when I'm finished is clean and very readable. Would I want people reading my ugly code? Would they get anything out of it? Should I spend time cleaning it while still developing core functionality?

I don't think the linux community should really tell these people how to code. I certainly wouldn't appreciate it if someone told me that I should constantly update documentation while I develop when decisions are going to be reversed five more times and most of the effort will be wasted. Especially when you're looking at getting a product together for commercial release, you don't want to waste the time to do things five times when you only need to do them once.


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