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Re:Lindows and CodeWeavers, a clarification

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on April 14, 2002 12:10 PM
Cut from their read me file in the source directory...



1. LindowsOS is not even at a beta stage yet, so the source code provided here is very unstable
and changes continually. Updated versions of the source code are put here throughout our
development cycle. Final versions will also be placed here once Version 1 of the product is

2. There are other changes to code that we have made that are not included here, as they
are now part of the main Debian, KDE, or WINE trees.

Changes not found in these main trees are included here.

3. Specifically, there are no WINE source code mods here, because ALL of our WINE changes
(even those changes we made when WINE was X11) have been submitted for inclusion to the
main LGPL wine tree. Pretty much all of our changes were accepted and are currently in
wine. currently does all their development on the LGPL wine tree, submitting
all our changes back.


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