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Let's Give Lindows a Chance.

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on April 14, 2002 07:17 AM
I do not petend to be a fan of Michael Robertson and/or Lindows. I have heard all the negative publicity surrounding Robertson and the shortcomings of Lindows' sneak previews. Let's face it, why does a Linux user need Microsoft Word. We've got StarOffice, Open Office, Koffice, Abi Word, Hancom Office, and God only knows what else. The fact is that Lindows may provide a 'migration path' from Microsoft to Linux. As Linux users we ALL must realize the great advantages that a Linux OS (even one with as many shortcomings as Lindows) has over Microsoft Windows. As people convert to Linux they will learn how much more stable, secure, and powerful it is. They will learn that Linux isn't so scarry after all. They will probably learn that they do not need ANY M$ software, and start trying other more substantial distributions. In the end Linux wins.

As far as jumping down his throat for no source codes (which I am anxiously awaiting to peruse) you have to give him a chance. Lindows 1.0 does not exist yet. If Lindows had a stable distribution I would be crying bloody F@#$%ING murder about where are the source codes, but that is not the situation. As a gret man once said, "Patience Danielson."


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