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Re:FSF arrogance will stifle FS

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on April 14, 2002 05:40 AM
Here's a free clue:

The FSF does not care if businesses find a model compatible with the GPL that makes them money. They care about the intentions of the GPL, in that it guarantees the right to review the source code along with ANY distribution of a program.

They really don't CARE if its "incompatible with capitalism"... That's more of the Open Source crowd, which, BTW, the FSF is NOT.

If its TRULY the case (and I don't think it is) that its impossible to make money using GPL programs in the manner in which the license is intended, then the FSF would rather have the license be honored and the money not be made. Thats the simple truth. They don't want to compromise integrity for profit. Oh dear, I guess that makes them evil in your book. Darn integrity, if only people didn't have it, huh?


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