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Posted by: Anonymous Coward on April 13, 2002 10:04 PM
So, how do you plan on "educating" the people, huh? Do you foresee taking an office manager and setting him/her down behind a Linux console and teach him/her the fine art of chmod, or perhaps recompiling a kernel? When are you Linux jackasses going to learn that there are more non technical people than there are geeks? If you want to see Linux take off, then you will have to convince THESE people, not more techno-geeks! Getting Linux on the non-tech user's desktop should be paramount, not demanding someone's head when they don't strictly adhere to the "GPL"'s of the world. New Linux users have been bitching about this for years. Those in the Linux communities think that they (individually) know what is best for the Linux world. And that dogma includes... no stupid users! Well let me tell you something, sunshine. There are no "smart" newbies. If Lindows can get a realistic alternative to the unwashed masses, then let them! Unless, of course, you can do it better.


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