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rumored MSFT ownership of Lindows company

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on April 13, 2002 05:42 AM
Hubbub has it that Lindows is secretly Microsoft owned. Reason for it is to attack GPL subtlely while seeming to support it. Recall the ways Microsoft shows devious, almost twisted effort in defeating Open or Free software - like fake grassroots efforts, the sign-on to the modified Kerberos as a licensing matter, the restrictions on work you do in the future after you've read their Shared Source, etc.

As an attack this explains unusual Lindows actions:

* run X in root mode, saying it's just temporary, but when trouble shows up later, will claim that's just a Linux/X/GPL insecurity (oops!).

* pretend to support GPL while not giving source to people the binaries were given to.

* pretend they are being attacked, whereas they are really just being asked to complete other half of thing they say they support.

* mention (this is very strange) that Linux companies have given up on the desktop!?!?! Very strange when you consider extensive Red Hat, Mandrake, Suse work specifically for pretty and usuable desktop and office replacements.

* doing tons of Wine code, from a company coming from nowhere. Where the sudden Windows experience that leads to all that work? The MS complaint (albeit false) against GPL is that GPL will 'steal' your work if you 'accidentally' include it -- not true, but it gets some business types riled up. Intent may be to later reveal 'accidentally' include of real MS win code, then claim to courts, and maybe to legislators "Wahhh, look what this Communist bunch made up do!!"

* emotive claim that open/free community is "eating their young", "quick to cast aspersions", "no wonder .. no healthy Linux companies", "community seems to attack", etc

* Lindows president mentions MS huge coffers but where'd they get all money for contributions, conference hosting, etc. Maybe that's MS money?

Anyway, the rumored MS ownership comes from this poor fellow who slipped up trying to establish cred among some developers, who's quite wealthy (comes from money, indoctrinated into 'business sense' like only the already-rich can be, ie never had to work a day in his life but shouts about how no one does anything but him) .. wealthy family and friends lead him to connections that hint as MS ownership, then he let that slip trying to nervously get credibility.

Anyway, that's what I hear - it explains some unusual Lindows actions, but also fits MS twisted outlook. Grain of salt. But be careful.


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