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Lindows and CodeWeavers, a clarification

Posted by: jeremy_p_white on April 12, 2002 09:13 PM
There have been several stories on Newsforge lately
that have described details of the relationship between
Lindows and CodeWeavers. I am concerned that they have
created an incomplete and unfair picture of Lindows.

As is obvious at this point, we have worked extensively
with Lindows to enhance Wine.

In fact, I feel that the Wine project has benefited greatly from
Lindows. They have provided Wine with not only funding,
but a vision and a drive that resulted in some very substantial
and important improvements to Wine.

Further, having worked extensively with Michael Robertson and Lindows,
I firmly believe that they are strong supporters of Free software and
are actively working to improve Free software.
They have sponsored improvements to parts of the kernel,
and they have sponsored several conferences, including Wineconf.

Now, it is true that we parted ways earlier this year, and it
is true that a part of that disagreement was over licensing.
However, that was only a small part of our disagrement - there
were other more significant factors that led to our parting ways.

Further, throughout the time we worked together, it was always
clear that Lindows intentions were to provide a major
boost to the free version of Wine.

Finally, I think that Michael Robertson has defined a powerful vision
that has the potential to dramatically expand the reach of Free

Let me remind everyone: Free Software is about freedom and
flexibility. If Lindows is able to, through their marketing
expertise, bring the benefits of Free software to a whole
range of new users, this benefits us all.


Jeremy White


CodeWeavers, Inc.


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