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Posted by: Anonymous Coward on April 12, 2002 02:22 PM

Let's see if I can read between the lines from your post. To be an "insider" you not only have to pay an insulting fee to pay to Michael Robertson's beach-front mansion, you also have to click "I Accept" on something that says you:

1) must not make any negative comments about Lindows publicly,

2) waive your GPL-given rights to the source code that they "borrowed"

3) will wear pink underwear while pogo sticking down the street with LindowsOS tatooed on your forehead.


I think the worst they can do is block you from downloading any other 'preview' releases, as long as you are not slandering them.

But since USA legal proceedings decisions are based solely on political monetary contributions, it may be a battle you cannot afford. (Just how much did Vivendi pay Michael Robertson for MP3.COM?)

Lindows needs to release the source. If they want to fight Microsoft in the legal arena, fine. If they want to fight the FSF they can go to hell.


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