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Posted by: Anonymous Coward on April 12, 2002 07:08 AM
I agree and disagree...

Agree: Bashing Microsoft is no badge of support for Linux or open source. It's just bashing Microsoft. (Personally, I'm pro-open source and against Microsoft only out of necessity; they work against open source in unethical and illegal ways. If they competed fairly, I'd have no qualms with them.)

Agree: Lindows seems to be too sensitive. They should chill out.

Agree: This is a clear violation of the GPL.

Disagree: So what? I'm willing to give them some slack for the short term -- but only because they're new and as a gesture of confidence that they will be supportive in the future.

(Having said that, it's not may say if they release the source or's the copyright holders who used a GPL/GPL-style licence.)

Agree: They should not wait till they officially ship LindowsOS to release the source.

Disagree: It is a *good* *thing* that they are not a company focused on technology and are honestly focused on marketing. Linux (and open source) needs both good tech and good marketing -- so far we've been tech heavy and marketing light.


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